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I offer individual consultation for psychotherapists, interns and trainees.  My approach is process oriented, though I provide theoretical learning to accommodate the process.  Some of the more significant themes for consultation are: working in the transference, learning how to work with negative transference and difficult counter-transference states, working with destructive aggression, early childhood development and preverbal issues, and how to incorporate the somatic realm of experience within a psychodynamic or psychoanalytic framework. 

I also offer group consultation for both licensed and unlicensed therapists. For further information about current group offerings, please click here for Group Consultation.  Please click here for Consultation/Study Group for unlicensed therapists.

I also offer consultation to therapists who are interacting with the legal system.  I offer consultation on the legal issues related to records being subpoenaed and testimony in court, as well as assistance in understanding the court process, what to expect from the attorneys, how to interact with your clients and general support for managing the feelings evoked by the process itself.

Attorneys, Law Firms & Law Schools

I offer consultation to attorneys, law firms and law schools about psychological issues in the workplace, employee development and retention, improving relational skills to enhance relationships with clients and colleagues and stress reduction and lifestyle issues.  I do not do forensic work. 

Criminal Justice Issues

Working in the criminal justice system for twelve years allowed me to witness the consequences of aggression being acted out against others.  I saw the devastating effects on both victims and perpetrators as well as on their families.  I also witnessed the enormous financial and emotional costs to the larger community.  My training and work with destructive aggression (Click here for info about Destructive Aggression) as a psychotherapist has given me a deeper understanding of what I witnessed and a unique perspective from which to see the ongoing challenges in the criminal justice system.  Consultation is available to professionals involved in the criminal justice system, legislators and policy makers to develop a deeper understanding of what has happened for victims and perpetrators, what needs to happen for their wounds to heal, and what are effective treatments for both.


My clinical consultation fee is $165 per fifty minute session.  I also offer a sliding scale.  My sliding scale is between $165 - $140, and is determined based on individual financial circumstances. My fee for other professional consultations is $195 per hour.

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