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Coaching is used in a wide variety of situations. I currently offer coaching services to two distinct groups of professionals:

  1. Attorneys & Other Legal Professionals

Health & Wellness, Career Satisfaction & Transition, & Interpersonal Communication Skills

  1. Psychotherapists & Interns in Private Practice

Creating & Developing Website Content, Articulating How You Work, What Makes it Uniquely Yours & How Clients will Benefit 

For further information , please click here for Coaching For Attorneys and Coaching for Psychotherapists.

For information about: The Coaching Process, How Coaching is Different from Psychotherapy, and Coaching Sessions & Fees, please see below.

The Coaching Process

The coaching process is designed to support and empower individuals to become more personally and professionally effective and fulfilled.  It can be particularly helpful for individuals who are self-employed or who work very independently and are not being mentored regularly by anyone.

The coaching relationship is confidential and collaborative.  It is designed to foster personal growth, discovery and learning in a supportive environment. The relationship is founded on mutual respect, trust and a commitment to open & honest communication.

Some clients seek out coaching for a specific project or already identified goal because they need the structure and accountability to keep them on track.   Others seek out coaching because they need to clarify goals & priorities. They may be at a transition point in their life or career, and need additional support or perspective. Often it is some combination of the two.

In general, the coaching process can assist clients in:

  1. Clarifying goals, values, and priorities;

  2. Creating action plans to achieve those goals that are consistent with their values and priorities;

  3. Staying on track and focused through structure and accountability;

  4. Becoming more resourceful and effective, by building on strengths and talents, and identifying and developing needed new competencies; and

  5. Developing skills and strategies to overcome self-limiting beliefs and self-defeating behaviors that limit further growth.

Coaching is Not Psychotherapy

While coaching is not psychotherapy, working with someone trained as a psychotherapist has some distinct advantages:

  1. Excellent Listening Skills;

  2. Understanding the Importance of Confidentiality;

  3. Experience Developing Relationships that Foster Growth & Development;

  4. Experience Asking Challenging & Thought Provoking Questions in Ways Clients Can Receive; and

  5. Understanding Psychology & Interpersonal Dynamics is Useful in Most Endeavors that Involve Human Relationships or Interaction.

For additional information about what distinguishes coaching from psychotherapy, please click How Coaching Differs From Psychotherapy.

Coaching Sessions & Fees

I am available for coaching sessions in person in San Francisco or by phone.  Ongoing coaching sessions are typically 50 minutes.  My fee for a 50 minute session is $165.  I also offer a sliding scale.  My sliding scale is from $165 - $140 and is determined based on individual financial circumstances.


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