Areas of Clinical Focus

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Significant focus areas in my practice include:



  1. Work & Overachieving

  2. Food/Eating Disorders

  3. Substance Abuse

  4. Spending/Shoplifting

Adolescence (Click here for Psychotherapy for Teens)

Anxiety & Stress

  1. General Stress, Overwhelm & Worry  

  2. Social Anxiety & Shyness

  3. Panic & Phobias

  4. Obsessions & Compulsions

Chronic and Difficult to Diagnose Illness (Click here for group information)

Destructive Aggression (Click here for Destructive Aggression)

  1. Imploded (Turned Against the Self)

          Low Self-Esteem, Depression

          Difficulty Being Assertive, Confident

          Difficulty Executing, Moving Forward in Life

  1. Explosive (Turned Against Others)

     Anger Management Issues

     Emotionally Abusive (Humiliating, Intimidating Others)

     Difficulty Expressing Vulnerability

Legal Stress & Court Involvement (Click here for Law & Psychotherapy)

Life Transitions, Career Changes

Psychosomatic Issues  

Relationship & Intimacy Issues


Trauma & Neglect

Voice and Self-Expression

  1. Fears Related to Speaking Up or Self-Expression

  2. Fear of Public Speaking or Speaking in Groups

  3. Fears Related to Testimony in Court


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