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In my view, everyone has something unique to offer to the world, a gift that is particularly their own, that can enrich their life and the lives of those around them.  For a myriad of reasons, people often do not recognize their own gifts or are afraid to express them.  They devise very creative ways to override who they really are, sometimes consciously and sometimes not.

Because human beings are so resilient, this approach can work for quite a long time. But eventually, because it takes so much energy to hide who we truly are, to not express what we are thinking, feeling or imagining, we become symptomatic.  Symptoms may manifest as dissatisfaction, health issues, exhaustion, anxiety or depression, among others.  In essence, the symptoms are messengers, trying to get our attention. And because they cause distress, they often do. This is the point many people start psychotherapy.

The foundation of my work is to help clients find their unique gifts, and to work through the blocks that keep them from expressing these gifts in their relationships, careers and the larger community. The ultimate goal being to help my clients live a life that is resonant with who they really are, so they will feel more satisfaction, meaning and aliveness on a daily basis.

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